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Generation Green

Over two-thirds of children (68%) aged 5 – 13, hope to follow a career that helps the environment, but a lack of understanding about these jobs could stop them from getting there.

Seven in 10 (71%) kids feel this knowledge gap is the biggest barrier to their dream career, and a third (33%) of parents cannot give an example of a sustainability-related profession to guide their children.

The Government recently announced a £40million investment to unlock thousands of ‘green jobs’. However, without an understanding of eco-friendly careers, children may follow other routes.

To help harness kids' passion, we created a content series that looks at different green jobs in the field of engineering; what they are and what they entail.

The videos are fronted by Lindsey Russell who speaks to people whose jobs help save the planet and minimise humanity’s impact on the environment, to better understand what they do and why their work is so important.

Green Jobs with Lindsey Russell | Ying Wan Loh

Green Jobs with Lindsey Russell | Ludovic Grosjean

Green Jobs with Lindsey Russell / Liena Valde