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Moon United Influencer Biographies


Sergei Urban, aka TheDadLab, is a dedicated father to two boys.

Inspired by their natural curiosity, he transformed the ordinary into extraordinary learning experiences.

His daily adventures are shared across social media, promoting the power of curiosity and creativity, and inspiring a community of over 10 million followers with families and classrooms worldwide.

As a best-selling author, Sergei illuminates the path towards STEM education, embodying the spirit of play, and emerging as a true champion of innovative parenthood.

TheDadLab YouTube account

Jack Downer

Jack Downer, AKA Street Panna, is a revolutionary athlete and social media sensation.

Jack’s street soccer skills and Panna (nutmegging) abilities have seen him represent his country in the World Panna Championships and many other global Panna competitions, having also challenged and defeated stars such as Neymar, Gareth Bale and Kylian Mbappé. 

Jack's Instagram page

Lia Lewis

Lia Lewis is a renowned freestyle football champion of French and English origin, based in London.

A former ballet dancer who took up freestyling just five years ago, she’s quickly gained in popularity across Instagram and TikTok with her show-stopping freestyle skills boasting over five million followers across both platforms.

Lia's Instagram page

Titilayo's Family Adventures

Naomi Falusi runs a popular family Instagram account named Titilayo’s Family Adventures where she keeps her followers updated on the best family outings the UK has on offer and helps other parents navigate parenthood.

She currently resides in London with her partner and three children.

Titilayo's Family Adventure Instagram Page

All Mums Talk

Aly Vy is a digital creator and mum of three children aged four, five and nine years old.

Her passions include documenting her family's adventures between their city life in London and village retreat in Buckinghamshire, as well as eco-friendly travel and sustainable fashion. 

All Mums Talk Instagram page